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  As noted in my third reflection, the internet as a medium is vast with unlimited potential; it is constantly evolving to meet new demands and expectations. It presents powerful tools and media that can be implemented into educational media… Continue Reading →

Reflection #4

It is proving difficult to ask a question in relation to universal design that was not addressed in this module. Much of this is new and intriguing information for me. As a result, I am unsure I know to reference… Continue Reading →

Reflection #3

My most memorable online learning experience was in one of the first online classes I took at University of Victoria. It is one of the main reasons I continued to seek out online classes.The memory of this class is so… Continue Reading →

Reflection #2

Openly licensed educational content is content the public can access under the terms of the license. For example, adding a creative commons license to open educational resources (OER) means an individual can take the content within the OER and use… Continue Reading →

Reflection #1

    I reflected on my own experiences as I engaged with this weeks reading around instructor-centered versus student-centered learning. I found the more student-centered learning environments encouraged me to become a more confident learner. Courses set up in this… Continue Reading →

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